Ashline Moving Company and Trucking  was established in the early 1900s as an ice an coal carrier. Sawing and skidding blocks of ice from pristine Hemlock Lake, storing them in our horse barns and transfering them by horse and carriage hand delivered to our customers along with hard packed anthracite coal from the Delaware and Hudson railway. In 1920 we purchased the first series open cab Bmodel from Mack Trucks in Allentown Pa. and started offering more timely routine service with expanded regional coverage. And that lasted with strong support all through the great depression where we built our roots and trade name in the industry for loyalty first. After the war with the invention of household appliances our service became vital for consumers in the new industrial economy. Picking up washer’s, dryer’s and refrigerator’s by the trailer loads in New Jersey a Buffalo and Boston and hand delivering them inside residential homes throughout  the region. This became the foundation for our local moving niche. Today, our  moving and storage companies include award winning  services like TLC FOR SENIORS MOVING,  Skidmore Summer Storage  for students inter-semester moving and storage and Valet Storage LLC which is a convenient all inclusive round trip pack and store for professionals and students. We still operate from our grandparents horse barns with the same daily mission, moving companies in Saratoga Springs NY

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AL ASHLINE is a Licensed Relocation Professional with offices in Saratoga Springs NY and Burlington Vermont. We operate from one of the biggest fleets in the world.


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